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There you can find more videos about many subjects cracking games/software , news about many things like sports,techbologie, programing in python , java and how to build websites , also we will have some fun playing some video games , reacting to many funny video , share my experience with you and help you to change your life to the best and for sure many tutorials on how you can fix something , create your own project and how to choose your way in life . I will try for sure to share everything I know with you there .

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Are you interested in travelling , technologie , culture and you want to know everything about many domains , then SkyBlog is your way to go , we talk about everything sports,world news , technologie news and even we try to share our experience to help succed in your life so what are you waiting for visit SkyBlog now.

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This is me Ahmed.I'm a programer and Django web developer who like finding solutions for real life problems help with creating new things and even make life better .I'm working with python I love to make web apps using django or desktop apps . I'm very interested in technologie and I intend to share my things with you and I'm looking forward to help you or even work with you .You can contact me below this or by my email

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if you are looking to build a website for a very nice price who can do multi function taches and even hundle some advanced functions or looking to make your dream real show the world what you want to do or you are tired of doing things manually and you feel like wasting time then you are in the right place contact me and we can work on some projects I can make your dream apps real help you getting to write your first line of code (if you are looking to learn) or build an app for you to make your taches easier for this you can contact me in my email or check out my gig below

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